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Sydney is a coastal city situated along the Tasman sea. It is the largest city by population in Australia and Oceania.

In Sydney, all major carriers serving Australia are peered. It is the most interconnected location in Australia. We build upon interconnection with direct connectivity to major internet peering exchanges.

Sydney Datacenter Specifications

  • 2 Transit Providers
  • 3 Peering Fabrics (NSW-IX, Edge-IX, Mega-IX)
  • 20 Gbit always on DDoS mitigation (Corero based platform)
  • Native IPv6 Network
  • Equinix SY3 Facility
  • N+1 UPS Battery Backup Units
  • N+1 Backup Power Generators
  • N+1 Cooling Infrastructure

Sydney Network Test IPs and Speedtest Files

IPv4 Test Address:

IPv6 Test Address: 2402:9e80:1::1:a4a4

Speed Test Files: 10MB 100MB

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