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Singapore is a small island nation in Asia comprised of 63 islands. Neighboring countries include Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand.

While small in land area covering just 278 square miles, and small in population with just 5.5 million citizens Singapore is a highly productive modern economy. It has the third highest GDP per capita of all countries globally.

Singapore is a top nation for business, finance and trade. The World Bank has ranked it for ten consecutive years as the Easiest Place to do Business.

Singapore maintains a AAA sovereign rating for credit, the only such rating in Asia. This points to the stability of Singapore.

Singapore Datacenter Specifications

  • Unparalleled connectivity throughout Asia
  • Native IPv6 Network
  • 24x7 datacenter security
  • N+1 UPS Battery Backup Units
  • N+1 Backup Power Generators
  • N+1 Cooling Infrastructure

Singapore Network Test IPs and Speedtest Files

IPv4 Test Address:

IPv6 Test Address: 2403:5680::1:8888

Speed Test Files: 10MB 100MB

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