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Amsterdam is the cultural capital of the Netherlands. It is a popular tourism destination, attracting over 20 million visitors each year. Amsterdam's metropolitan population is 2.4 million, making it part of one of the largest population clusters in Europe.

With 90 islands, 1200 bridges and 60 miles of waterways water has a central role in history of Amsterdam.

The future of Amsterdam may be about the flow of commerce and the use of digital rivers that connect us. That future is being shaped by high speed internet connectivity and high speed interconnections. The Canon of Amsterdam, a list of 50 events and developments that shaped Amsterdam lists the large internet exchange point AMS-ix as #50. It joins ground laying events that built Amsterdam like the Dam and formation of the Amsterdam Exchange Bank.

Datacenter Info

HostUS's Amsterdam datacenter (AMS01) is located less than two miles from the city center of Amsterdam. The datacenter is owned by Global Switch.

Amsterdam Datacenter Specifications

  • Our own network AS7489 for IP allocations
  • 1Gbps network uplink to each of our physical servers
  • Native IPv6 Network
  • DDoS Protection provided natively on-network in Amsterdam
  • 24x7 datacenter security
  • Network Carriers: GTT, NTT, Telia
  • Less than 7ms of latency from LON01 (London)
  • Peering with hundreds of networks via AMS-IX

Amsterdam Network Test IPs and Speedtest Files

IPv4 Test Address:

IPv6 Test Address: 2a0b:7080:10::1:e22d

Speed Test Files: 10MB 100MB

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