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London is the capital of England. It is a bustling world class city known around the planet. It also is the largest city by population in the United Kingdom. An economic powerhouse for hundreds of years, London remains at the center of finance. Like its busy airport that has more passengers a year than any other, London is a top hub for internet traffic.

Datacenter Info

Our London datacenter (LON01) is located in the historic London Docklands business district overlooking Canary Wharf. This busy metro is home to one of Europe's largest peering exchanges, LINX, London Internet Exchange. LINX also calls the Docklands home.

London Datacenter Specifications

  • Our own network AS7489 for IP allocations
  • 1Gbps A+B network connectivity to each of our servers
  • Native IPv6 Network
  • DDoS Protection provided natively on-network in London
  • 24x7 datacenter security
  • Network Carriers: Level3, NTT, GTT and Cogent
  • Peering with BT, Zen, Sky, TalkTalk and hundreds of other networks via LINX
  • Premium Uplink to Liberty Global ISPs: VirginMedia, Telenet, Ziggo, KabelBW, Unity Media

London Network Test IPs and Speedtest Files

IPv4 Test Address:

IPv6 Test Address: 2a0b:7080:20::1:749f

Speed Test Files: 10MB 100MB

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