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Los Angeles is a coastal city located approximately 15 miles inland from the Pacific Ocean. It is the second largest city by population in the United States.

Los Angeles, California, is the predominant United States West Coast data hub. It is home to One Wilshire, one of the most connected network points in the world. Large amounts of traffic to and from Asia land in Los Angeles. This makes it a good location to serve customers in Asia, or for accessing services in the United States while in Asia.

This is the place to be if you want to be serve data to the West Coast, and in the US Mountain zones.

Datacenter Info

Our Los Angeles (LAX01) datacenter is housed within the 160,000+ square foot Telecom Center. This facility has direct fiber connectivity to neighboring One Wilshire. LAX02 and LAX03 datacenters are also located in downtown Los Angeles within close proximity of LAX01.

Los Angeles Datacenter Specifications

  • Our own network AS7489 for IP allocations
  • Native IPv6 Network
  • DDoS Protection provided locally in Los Angeles < 1ms away
  • Multiple diverse fiber providers
  • 24x7 datacenter security
  • N+1 redundant cooling systems

Los Angeles Network Carriers

  • LAX01: Cogent, PCCW, GTT / Tinet and peering
  • LAX02: Comcast, Hurricane Electric, PCCW, GTT / Tinet, Telia, China Telecom / CN2, China Unicom and peering
  • LAX03: BBOI, PCCW, China Telecom, Cogent, GTT / Tinet, Zayo and peering

Los Angeles Network Test IPs and Speedtest Files

LAX01 - Premium Network

IPv4 Test Address:

IPv6 Test Address: 2602:ffc5:20::1:e257

Speed Test Files: 10MB 100MB

Network Looking Glass Tool

LAX02 - Asia Optimized / CN2

IPv4 Test Address:

IPv6 Test Address: 2602:ffc5:50::1:5f8a

Speed Test Files: 10MB 100MB

Network Looking Glass Tool

LAX03 - Asia Optimized

IPv4 Test Address:

IPv6 Test Address: 2602:ffc5:60::1:f0ad

Speed Test Files: 10MB 100MB

Network Looking Glass Tool

Services Available in Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles OpenVZ VPS services are available in both LAX01 and LAX03 locations. Please indicate your location preference in order notes.

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